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Resilient, Connected Communities

On the face of it, Assemble is an organisation that provides end-to-end property development and management services. We buy development sites, build ‘multi-family’ (long-term rental) properties, and enable communities to develop within and around them. But more than that, we’re set up to participate and contribute positively to the new economy. The new economy is not one that is devoid…

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Mission Centric

At age 18 I joined the Australian Regular Army, commencing my military career at the Royal Military College Duntroon. By 19 I had graduated, been commissioned as a Lieutenant and was commanding a platoon. Not long after, I was on my first operational deployment to East Timor. It was the start of the highest operational tempo for the Australian Defence…

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Democratising Investment

In my early years in corporate finance, I worked with a lot of high-growth technology businesses. Seeing how passionate the founders were about solving problems was inspirational and helped me understand that I was more suited to working with entrepreneurs than in a large accounting firm where I was a little cog in a big machine. If you need help…